In the beginning ...

Letscotland was formed in September 2013 as the Association of Professional Letting Agents in Scotland.

The organisation was formed by letting agents, for letting agents, in response to what they saw as a lack of leadership and inadequate representation of their industry in the Press and the Parliament.

The founding agents’ mission was to make the case for the role letting agents must play in solidifying a strong, successful and sustainable private rental sector.


Letscotland made an immediate impact in the Press and Parliament, forging relationships with Government ministers, civil servants, opposition housing spokespeople and researchers, as well as creating contacts in the media.

These connections remain critically important, and they helped immeasurably in Letscotland’s campaign opposing the Labour party’s proposals to introduce rent controls into the 2014 Housing Bill.

Merger with Lettingweb

The formation of Letscotland led to a significant increase in the scale and scope of representation for Scottish letting agents, as did the formation of the Council of Letting Agents by the Scottish Association of Landlords.

As part of an attempt to unify the industry’s disparate representative bodies, Letscotland merged with Lettingweb, the country’s largest marketplace for lettings, in May 2014.

Letscotland is now the representative arm of an expanded range of activity undertaken by Lettingweb which, as well as running the portal, produces the quarterly Lettingstats report and has established the charitable Lettingweb Foundation.

Letscotland represents Lettingweb’s 400+ customers. As such it is the largest voice speaking out in the interests of Scottish letting agents. It’s part of Lettingweb’s service to the lettings industry.

About LetScotland

Letscotland is the representative body built for letting agents, by letting agents to represent the interests of letting agents in the Parliament and in the Press.

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